Onsite Assessments

  • Physical Security Assessment

    An assessment and gap analysis of physical security and security controls.

  • Emergency Preparedness Assessment

    An assessment of emergency procedure, policy, and preparedness, paying particular attention to students and staff with special needs.

  • School Security Drill Assessment

    A review of live drills and drill records to ensure compliance with state law and recommend industry best practices.

  • Technical Vulnerability Assessment

    Assessment of Information Technology in place to identify vulnerabilities and work to mitigate the risks associated.

Compliance and Operations Reviews

  • Policy and Procedure Review

    A review of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with state law and recommend industry best practices.

  • Information Security Policy Review

    Review of information security policies to ensure compliance with state and federal law and recommend industry best practices.

  • IEP Safety Assessments

    Review of information pertaining to special needs students as included in their IEP.

  • Vendor Management

    Review and assess vendor ability to protect the sensitive information of students and staff and protect school from the risks associated.


  • School Misconduct Investigations

    Discrete, confidential investigations into alleged misconduct, violence, or sexual misconduct with recommendations for further action.

  • Employee Background Due Diligence

    Open Source Intelligence investigation into current or potential employees to protect school from reputational or legal risks.

  • Cyber Crime Investigations

    Investigation into cyber incidents to identify threat actors, recover missing information, and advice schools of regulatory reporting requirements.


  • Staff and Administrator Training

    A half or full day training on various security awareness topics to better prepare schools for security challenges.

  • Incident Response Tabletop Exercises

    Stress test of incident response to uncover gaps and give recommendations to address them.