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Risk Assessments

The greatest threats to schools are often left undiscovered. The objective of an onsite assessment is to  identify possible threats and vulnerabilities, and provide custom solutions to mitigate this risk. PorzioCS offers schools a comprehensive view of their risk profile by assessing risk and making recommendations for the improvement of physical security, information security, and emergency preparedness across all aspects of operations.


Incidents occur, and when they do, it is important to have a trusted advisor who can discretely and efficiently investigate and provide  information that can be used to make informed decisions. The PorzioCS Team has experience in  conducting both in person and online investigations to uncover detailed information and to provide a comprehensive report detailing the  incident and the people involved.

Compliance and Operational Review

Best practices for safety and security start with strong, comprehensive policies and procedures aimed at ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and adoption and integration of industry standards. Our team  works diligently to stay at the forefront of security practice advances, allowing them to provide up-to-date advice to best protect organizations.


Even with industry-leading policies and procedures, organizations are at risk if they do not properly train their employees on implementation and incident response. PorzioCS offers training workshops and tabletop exercises that prepare administrators and staff to be able to follow documented protocols anytime an incident occurs to ensure maximum safety and compliance for students and faculty.

Vendor Management

Analyze third-party vendor information security and data privacy practices, to understand risks and mitigate the impact of third-party data breaches. Knowing how vendor secure sensitive information will help organizations prepare for and stay ahead of potential cyber threats through assessments of business and supply chain relationships.


Together, Porzio Compliance Services and Datafy are committed to protecting student data.  Learn how to objectively identify vendors that meet requirements and qualify for high-sensitivity data access —and those that don’t. 

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Our Team

The PorzioCS Safety and Security Team was founded on decades of experience in education, law, public safety, emergency management, and developmental disabilities. Every member of the team is deeply rooted in their community and have served as local leaders to help shape the laws, regulations, and best practices that schools strive to achieve.


James  G. Mottola, MS, CPP, CISM

Vice Preisdent Data Privacy, Investigations and Security


Elizabeth M. Shea, JD

Vice President


David C. Hespe, JD

Vice President


Kevin Craig

Assistant Vice President- Safety, Security, and Investigations


Kim E. Miller, Ph.D.

Director of Investigative Intelligence and Analysis

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